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My name is Blaine Carver and I am a survivor of a chainsaw accident that happened at my home in December of 2010. I grew up using chainsaws having a grandfather that worked in the woods for a living. I had cut wood so many times before with no problems. I never thought anything would happen to me.

We take it for granted that accidents happen to other people, never to us.

On that fated day, I had on my jacket and gloves, but no other safety gear which might have lessened some of my injuries. I was also alone at home and hadnít told anyone where I was going or what I was doing. I honestly never gave a thought to what might happen in the event that I needed to call for help.

I have several messages I wish to impress upon the people I speak to. Whether it is to a company with employees or to individuals who are do it yourselfers; injury affects everyone in every aspect of your life. Accidents donít always happen on the job but they can affect your employer and coworkers none the less. Being prepared can eliminate or decrease the severity of an injury and help you return to work and resume your life more quickly. Practical education by case study can help a person look at all aspects of their activities and find areas for safety improvement.

Severe injury affects your family, friends, and community. Many people take for granted that support will always be there. I know I did. After leaving the hospital, the reality of having to face a possible diminished quality of life set in. It was very scary and sometimes depressing to cope with. I found myself needing to lean on the people who cared about me most in ways I never imagined. Luckily, my message is not only one of safety precaution but of hope for survival and recovery as well.

I wish to share my story with the world in the hope that I might save even one person from making a life altering mistake. Perhaps then my own pain and suffering wonít have been for nothing.

The Accident

I left a quiet office early on a cold, mid-December day. I hadnít planned to still be in Maine this time of year as I was supposed to have moved to North Carolina to be with my wife, Sarah, who was working there at the time. We had decided to make a new start together, but since I was having trouble finding work I needed to stay behind and continue my job as a real estate broker.

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